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How to Work with Polymer Clay
in Light Colors

Light colors are challenging to work with mainly because of two issues: dust and color contamination.

Strictly speaking, dust can accumulate on any polymer clay project, no matter what color it is. However, any trapped dust particles are more visible in projects using light colors.

The same is true for color contamination. Whenever your tools, working surface, or hands come in contact with polymer clay, there is a chance that some polymer clay will stick to the surface and then later, it may get transferred onto your next project. Again, this is more obvious when switching from working with dark clays to lighter-colored ones.
Image for tutorial how to work with white polymer clay

So, how can you minimize these problems in your work?

Here are a few tricks you may find useful. Pick and choose the ones critical for your work environment – implementing even a couple from each list may be enough to significantly improve your situation.

To minimize dust contamination:
To minimize color contamination:
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